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Maximise earnings by posting links on channels including email, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.
Smart Banners are contextually targeted banner ads designed to look better and pay more than the alternatives.
Smart Banners automatically select banners from brands that are relevant to the piece of content they appear in without the use of third-party cookies.
Simply drop a single line of code where you want the banner to appear and we’ll serve an ad to the most relevant user when they are most likely to click.
Smart Windows are high-impact, contextually relevant brand showcases designed to enhance editorial content and increase revenue.
Smart Windows automatically make a selection of products and lifestyle imagery from brands that are relevant to the piece of content they appear in.
High relevancy results in high CTR and increased revenue for publishers looking to showcase product alongside editorial.
Smart Stores enable publishers to create, customise and launch their own shop in under 10 minutes.
Publishers can curate shoppable edits using thousands of products from hundreds of brands.
No coding, sourcing brands, stock management image processing or customer services. Get paid for every click.

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