7 Insider tips to increase clicks on call to action buttons

The question of whether or not to include a call to action (CTA) button has been answered several times over.

But for those who didn’t get the memo, a call to action button is a critical aspect of every webpage. Without one, your content is a dead end. You wouldn’t want to leave your visitors stranded and wondering what to do next, while they would have gladly taken the step to become a client or customer.

It is one thing to create a good call to action and a whole different thing to get people to click it. According to statistics, 90% of people who read the headline read the CTA as well but, will they click it?

Getting your visitors to click your call to action button has a lot to do with things like design, positioning, and several other factors, which we have discussed in this post.

What Is A Call To Action Button?

A call to action button, also referred to as a click here button, is a message you use on your web content to prompt readers or viewers to perform a specific action. It could be a sentence, phrase, or single word. The action is typically in line with the content objectives.

What Types of Call To Action Buttons Are There?

You cannot take a one size fits all approach when creating calls to action. A simple “click here” on a bright red button plastered all over your site and content is as effective as not having one. You need to create different types of CTAs for different actions, content, and objectives to serve different audiences.

Here are the eight types of CTAs you should have on your website. Don’t be pressured to have all of them immediately; ease into them as you create new content.

  • Lead generation CTAs that target new website visitors. They are common on pages that receive a high percentage of new traffic.
  • Form submission CTAs that prompt visitors on landing pages to submit personal information to turn them into leads.
  • Read more CTAs that are placed on pages that display a feed of content. That is, pages that display the title and a small summary of your content to entice readers, who will need to click on read more to access the full content.
  • Product or service discovery CTAs that target people looking to learn more about your products or services.
  • Social sharing CTAs that encourage your readers to share the content with their friends.
  • Lead nurturing CTAs that offer things such as free trials and demos to nurture your leads.
  • Closing the sale CTAs that turn leads to customers through messages such as “Contact Sales Now”.
  • Event promotion CTAs that are only handy when you are hosting an event. They help increase attendance.

Having the right type of click here button for the right content will increase the likelihood of your visitors clicking them.

Why Are Call To Action Buttons Important?

Web pages without CTAs are ineffective, especially since 90% of the visitors will read the CTA. The most important reason why you should never publish any content without a CTA is how effective it is at increasing conversion rates. It can increase your conversion rate by up to 120% by leading your users through the conversion funnel.

When QuickSprout added a call to action button on their video content, it generated 380% more clicks. Adding a CTA to emails, according to a post on WordStream, increased email clicks by a whopping 370% and sales by over 1600%.

Additionally, AdRoll found that a CTA on your Facebook page increases the click-through rate by 285%.

The simple act of pointing your visitors in the direction they should go or the step they should take could dramatically increase your lead generation, and conversion rates, which boosts the results of your content marketing strategy.

But how do you increase the CTA click-through rate?

Tips To Increase Click-Through-Rate On A Call To Action Button

Implementing the simple tips below will increase the CTR on your CTAs.

1. Use a button

Instead of a text link, a button is better because it stands out. The visitor won’t have to look for it.

2. Pick the right design and colour

The colour and design of your CTA are arguably its most important aspect. The right design and colour make the CTA visible and could entice visitors to click on it. According to a study, a red CTA button gets 21% more clicks compared to a green button.

It is also important that you consider the psychology of colour when choosing the colour of your CTA button.

3. Location is key

Because it is recommended to have a few CTAs on your page instead of flooding the page, they should be conveniently located to be visible. Most visitors read your content in an F-shaped pattern, according to a Nielsen Norman Group eye-tracking study. So, placing your CTA in the top left corner makes it more visible than placing it in the bottom right corner.

Wherever you put it, it should be visible, and appear clickable. You can find the best position for your CTA through visitor recording.

4. Have a compelling short button copy

The words you place on your CTA should be compelling to get people to act immediately. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

  • Get started
  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Join us
  • Join the family
  • Let’s work together
  • The time is now
  • Start your journey

5. Evoke emotion

The more urgency and emotion you create or evoke, the more compelling your CTA will be. Creating urgency can increase your conversion rates by up to 332%, as Peep Laja did. Using timing words such as today, get started, now, etc will get you more clicks. For example, if you run a content writing business you can say “create my content now” to create urgency.

69% of millennials have FOMO (fear of missing out), so you can utilize it to evoke emotions and create a sense of urgency. For example, “hurry while stocks last.”

6. Customize the CTA according to the device

Test how your CTA appears on every device to ensure it is functional and legible for the maximum impact. It is more than likely that visitors to your websites use different devices so you should ensure you can convince them to click on them.

7. Use numbers where you can

People process numbers better and faster than words. Using a number, if possible, can increase your conversion rates. For instance, instead of saying Shop now: only three days left, say Shop now: only three days left.

Increase Your CTA Clicks Fast With Wordseed

A CTA is an important aspect of every web content you publish, and how you create it determines how effective it will be. The better it is, the more clicks your content gets. The above tips should help you design an effective CTA.

Another simple strategy you can use to increase clicks on your calls-to-action is targeting people with a high likelihood of clicking them through contextual and sponsored ads. If you advertise your content, products, or services on pages with related or similar content, people who click on it are more likely to click on your call to action on the landing page.

WordSeed can help you on this front. Through contextual and sponsored ads, we can bring in quality traffic that is likely to convert from magazines, blogs, and news sites. Through our platform, you can track the progress of your marketing efforts.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you increase your target audience and boost your conversion rates.

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